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How to Fix Online Poker Gambling issues

Since every business has moved online, it has completely changed the way people used to live and deal with things. Not only e-commerce sites, municipal or government site and many other sites of many categories. So the change, gaming has also secured its place in the online world. All type of games can be found online whether these are indoor or outdoor. Also, you do not require to download games anymore or buy a PlayStation. This all is available online and you can easily play it.


Just like other games, one of the world’s most famous games “Poker” has also made an entry in it. As it is being online, you will find many best online poker sites which may offer you online Poker Gambling as well. Of course, common people may not feel safe about it to play with money online, that is why online poker regulations have been imposed on such sites. These sites have been provided a kind of license just like a casino to reduce chances of fraud. This ensures that your money be safe and you can enjoy games with all the fun.

But still, you may still feel some of the common problem with Poker sites which can be addressed. We have discussed some of those;

  1. Automated Poker Bot Programs

    Problem: Initially the Poker Bots were made as a money making machine by the developers which helped many of them to get money from online players. These were the automated technical programs which instead of getting synced with player gaming pace, they were running on their own. Certain mathematical formulas set by programmers for stealing money from players. Still, there are many fakes sites which use this trick to take money out of the player’s pocket.


2 Modern poker bots are well capable of beating for higher stakes but some of them are getting down by good poker players. It was always being viewed as the concept of winning poker player but now, with the change in time, people are raising voices to take it down as it chests them. But still one way or another, Poker sites finds some way out and use it.
Solution: One cannot do anything alone; the initiative should come from worldwide online poker industries to remove such poker bots. Or online poker communities need to raise their voice and ask online poker companies to take the issue seriously. Poker players should report for such instances where the suspect usage of poker bots.

2. Card Payment Gets Declined

Problem: It has happened many times when you try to add money in your poker account and you see your cards not working anymore? Or if you try to add money from the bank account or PayPal or with any other mobile wallet to any poker site, it gets declaim?

As seem the past, still banks are afraid to transfer money to any poker site as it may be a scam. Also, some of the acts like the UIGEA and 1961 Wire Act are also stopping banks to do it.

Solution: It will be going to take time as it is not a work of an alone person. Poker player groups and online Poker gaming websites need to force governments to change the act and sometimes may require to do lobbying. Also, players can raise concerns with their bank as “how can they stop them to may payment to someone?”


3. Trust (is it Legal?)

Problem: Today, many people are in confusion if the online poker gaming is legal in their country or region or not? Also, if the site is trustworthy or not?

But before people start trusting on site, it is important that they search for it! And to do that, they should be aware if it is crime or not! People are unaware of the situation and fear in people mind. Most of them misunderstood its legality and thus they do not search or play online poker gambling games.

Solution: People need to be educated by either advertisement or poker sites about the legality of game. They need to show up to the people that online gambling is not a crime (if) and they play it for fun.


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